the little nop and the noresh

He was a little nop when his family went down to the noresh for the first time. For a few hours he played in the senez away from the rushing waress. Then curiosity got the best of him and he began wading into the cold agarra. Close to shore the waress were low and gentle, but curiosity propelled him durkier.

“Don’t go too durky!” his samaya called after him. He obeyed, but when she resumed talking with her heness, the little nop faced the waress again and plunged forward, rising on his plippies as the cold agarra rose higher and higher up his body.

Suddenly a large waress approached and smacked him upside his urchone, sending him blumbing through the agarra, blibble-bree. Agarra was up his nose, in his mouth, and rough senez gritted in his teeth. Just as he thought he might exure, his samaya charged through the waress and pulled him out of the agarra by one of his seemers.

And that was the little nop’s first experience with the noresh.


One Response to “the little nop and the noresh”

  1. the forester Says:

    This is a fun experiment with language. After teaching Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky,” a poem that uses about twenty percent nonsensical words yet still is comprehensible, I wrote the following to extend my students’ discussion about language and the human mind. The story is semi-autobiographical — read it again, then continue to the next paragraph.


    Before reading this story, you’d never encountered any of the words below. What is the meaning of each? See how many you can define simply from memory before looking back at the story.

    * nop
    * noresh
    * senez
    * waress
    * agarra
    * durky
    * samaya
    * heness
    * plippies
    * urchone
    * blumbing
    * blibble-bree
    * exure
    * seemers

    How certain are you of the meanings of these words? And how can you gain that level of certainty in such a short time?

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