no room for

Two hours of unwrapping boxes, and then a wide, stretchy yawn and a much-needed potty break.

So that’s it? After the fury of parking lots and department stores and credit card receipts, anticipation puffing out the season like a set of implants, Advent’s over? Ahh … how great it feels to void the bladder.  All that eggnog!

Back to the living room: Ground Zero, now without the frenzy – cardboard and tissue and plastic-packaged merchandise heaped around the coffee table epicenter. Secrets formerly masked by giftwrap, finally revealed, only camouflage themselves amid the rubble, rehidden, making the entire affair seem much ado, just ribbon and glitter and tinsel and zilch.

Did we miss something? Maybe we should have bought more.

Cleanup time – surprisingly simple for the plodding preparations that went into the day. The decorations and tree will stay up another week, and that is all. Then eleven months and repeat, eleven months and repeat, years marked by doing December doings in a chronologic chain leading back to the first secret gift: zero hour of human history. How strange that time should measure itself by an event quite easily elbowed out by the jam-packed, hectic rush, no room for


3 Responses to “no room for”

  1. the forester Says:

    This piece won BeWrite’s 200-word challenge for the word advent. It is 200 words long, precisely and on purpose.

    The title is intended to echo this line from Luke chapter 2: “Then she gave birth to her firstborn Son, and she wrapped Him snugly in cloth and laid Him in a feeding trough—because there was no room for them at the inn.”

  2. Mary Says:

    Well thought out and in keeping with the absolute truth. I enjoyed reading the message of the true meaning of Christmas – GREAT story.

  3. Donna Says:

    Way to go. The creative juices are obviously flowing at your end of the world. Your ADVENT piece almost reminded me of my own writing. Certainly, my own sentiments at this time of year. When you used “implants” and wrote about the harried nature of Christmas … I almost cheered!

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